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International legal services

Through its global offices, affiliates and associates the International Corporate Services Group is able to offer a wide range of legal services. The services in the following spheres are as for guidance purposes only:

  • Civil Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Tax Law and Financial Planning
  • International Trade
  • Investments
  • Real Estate
  • Intellectual property
  • Criminal Law
  • Labour Law
  • Litigation

ICSG provides legal assistance worldwide. The Company renders advice and council in compliance to the international law standards and domestic legislative requirements, which vary in different jurisdictions.

ICSG helps Clients to establish a new business by means of assisting them on the issues involving incorporation of companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, representative offices as well as joint ventures around the world (including, but not limited to preparation of constituent documents, state registration procedures execution, legal support of the further companies activity etc.).

ICSG provides Clients with all necessary legal information regarding financing of international projects; concluding, revision, amending and termination of different types of external economic contracts (lease, credit, sales-purchase, agency, labor, services, supply, cooperation, joint activity contracts etc.); reduction and minimization of taxes and other due budgetary payments (VAT, profit tax, income tax for individuals). ICSG are able to elaborate legal aspects of business deals, draw up draft documents (powers of attorney, agreements, contracts, mandates etc.).

Our legal experts are highly experienced in dealing with investments, real estate, patent law, immigration law, international protection of copyright, labour regulations (employment, dismissal, vacation etc.).

Our contacts and relationships extend throughout the state authorities, law companies, financial and banking institutions in a great number of countries throughout the world.

ICSG provides legal assistance to its clients during the procedure of applying for the state licenses, permits, certificates and guaranties. Providing the State Authorities do not approve position of a Client, ICSG protects interests of a client.

ICSG lawyers can settle down all kinds of disputes between parties to an agreement, which might be public organizations or private companies. ICSG defends and presents interests of a Client both in international and local courts and arbitrations, achieves restitution of Clients’ legal rights.

Constantly analyzing the process of legislation development, ICSG can provide the Clients with an advice on international and national laws issues.

The combination of ICSG’s skilled and experienced legal advisors, and availability of all the necessary materials and resources creates a unique and powerful method of providing broad-based, high-quality services to its clients.

ICSG Kiev Office, Ukraine

  • Is able to provide services, consultations and legal opinions on various legal issues of internal legislation of Ukraine and international law.