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Real Estate Investments

ICSG offers unlimited opportunities for individuals and companies that are interested in investing in real estate.

Through cooperation and exclusive partnership with real estate developers and agents, ICSG is able to offer the most attractive real estate projects as well as most kinds of residential and commercial property for individual or corporate use.

ICSG specialists are able to provide you with a vast choice of properties in some of the most beautiful parts of the world. Our goal is to find an ideal property for you whether you are looking for a permanent home or just a place to take a vacation; whether you are looking an inexpensive villa or a large luxury one, ICSG can help you to find that ideal property for you.

You might be even interested just to buy a plot of land and develop your own property. ICSG can also advise you with this. Whatever is on your mind, you can count on ICSG practical and impartial advice.

We will assist you to go through a purchase procedure from the very beginning till the completion of the purchase. Through ICSG specialists you will have access to knowledgeable lawyers who will perform the legal work. We will help you with necessary administrative work as well.

You can count on ICSG as a source of complete solutions for your needs and objectives.

Currently, ICSG offers unique real estate investment opportunities in Spain, Austria, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta, Italy, UK, and other European countries.

In order to save your time and money, you can rely on ICSG specialists who will advice you most suitable real estate property or investment project for your needs. ICSG consultants will make the process of purchasing an overseas property easy and pleasant.