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Investments in bond funds

There are a lot of existing stocks and bonds to invest in, and you may not be willing to study a bond or a stock of which company to buy; you simply would prefer to increase return on your investment. Moreover, you may not be sure how well the company will perform in the future so, that your interest payments on the purchased bond are 100% guaranteed. For this purposes, we would recommend you to invest in bond funds or stock funds.

A bond fund represents investment in different bonds of several companies. By investing in a bond fund, you automatically diversify your risks. Thus, while one company in a fund may default, there is always another company which pays the interest on the bond.

By spreading the risks you have a better chance to get your guaranteed return on investment.
Different funds have different investment strategies. For example, there are funds that invest in stocks of different companies in one or several industries. The strategy may be a long-term capital appreciation, or investment with the objective to receive higher dividend payments in a short-term period of time, etc. There are also so-called passive and active investment strategies, where a lot depends on a particular tactic of an investment manager. Without analysis of this information it might be very difficult for you to decide on a particular investment which would satisfy your objectives.

Therefore, in order to save your time and money, you can rely on ICSG specialists who will advise you most suitable solution for your investment needs. ICSG consultants will help you to choose investment projects and products to realize your investment objectives.