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Investments in bonds

For the last three years most of our clients switched to investments which offered guaranteed and stable return. Those investment tools which are in high demand are bond funds, and real estate investments.

Investment in a bond of A+-rated company can almost guarantee monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments depending on the terms according to which you agreed to purchase the bond.

It is necessary to notice that current interest rates on riskless securities are very low. For example, an interest rate on US 2-year Treasury bond is 1.33 % p.a. (source: Bloomberg; Aug 3). Therefore, in order to enhance your wealth it is advised to diversify your investment portfolio and use another investment tools.

In order to save your time and money, you can rely on ICSG specialists who will advise you most suitable solution for your investment needs. ICSG consultants will help you to choose financial institutions to help you realize your investment objectives.

ICSG specialists currently offer consultations on new investments products such as:

  • USD Convergence Bond;
  • Europportunity Bond.

Please contact ICSG specialists for further information on the above securities.