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Our goal is to protect your wealth!

Wealth management brings together various financial disciplines to help you as an affluent individual simplify your life and reach your life goals. Wealth management includes financial planning, estate planning, tax planning, insurance planning, and investment management with the focus on your needs.

It is about planning not just for today but also for generations to come and you can benefit from our expertise in overseas investments as well as from our international network of offices, affiliations and associations.

  • Investment in bonds and bond funds
  • Real Estate investments

Whatever your objectives are, ICSG specialists will offer you investment plans for life!

ICSG offers unique investment opportunities for its clients worldwide.
ICSG continually cooperates with reputable and reliable international banks, financial institutions and governments and, therefore, can advise you on bonds and bond funds as well as real estate investments internationally.

ICSG specialists have access to a number of advanced investment products offered by well-known financial institutions.

Through an extensive worldwide network ICSG specialists assist you in choosing suitable investment tools in accordance with your requirements and wishes.

ICSG provides consultancy services for high net worth individuals and companies worldwide.

ICSG will introduce you to prestigious international banks that will offer new investment products of your choice.

ICSG specialists will assist you to select a bond/bond fund at a well-known financial institutions or banks.

ICSG specialists will advise you on the purchase of real estate in UK, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus and other countries. Additionally, ICSG consultants will be your source for the best property developments overseas. Click here for more informationů