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09.07.07 | breaking news

The delegation of negotiators from the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine came back from Geneva with some new achievements: a few more steps have been taken on the way towards the final agreeing upon all the items of the Schedule of Commitments and Working Party Report on the accession of Ukraine to the WTO. Also, the date of the new Meeting of the Working Party has been determined to be July 23.

The whole day of July 5, the negotiators conjointly with representatives of the EU, USA, Japan, Switzerland, Norway, Canada, India and China were polishing up the Schedule of Commitments of Ukraine on access to the market of services. As in practice no serious discrepancies were left at that moment, some commas and printing errors had been cleared away.

On July 6, the similar consultations on the respective Schedule on goods were held. The EU, Ecuador, Canada, Croatia and several other countries were taking part. As a result, all basic moments have been agreed upon, the rest of the issues of sectoral initiatives have been specified.

In the meanwhile, the Secretariat was working arduously. It is necessary to note that it is hot in Geneva these days not in the terms of weather, which is currently quite mild, but in the sense of the work, which is really in full swing. Prior to going to summer vacation, a breakthrough on the Doha round of WTO negotiations should be achieved. The situation with Ukraine is the same after all, exactly as in the Doha round, much less is left to be done than it has been done. In a break during the consultations on services, the Ukrainian delegation had a meeting with Chairman of the Working Party Mario Matus and Director of the Accession Department of the WTO Secretariat Arif Hussain. As the official procedure is slowly moving ahead (because every comma agreed upon in both the Schedule and the Report requires approval in the capitals), the Secretariat is gathering preliminary clarifications, in the proper time, even verbally, even by phone with the aim to include as much as possible in the draft documents before the meeting and conclude all the coordination work at the meeting itself. Everyone is in such a mood that all the technical work should be finally completed before the vacation and nothing should be left for the fall 2007. The Ukrainian negotiators are in a determined mood, as they are preparing to set off for Geneva in advance and stay over there after the meeting as long as it will be needed in order to be able to circulate the final version of the Working Party Report among the members before the fall.

Photo: the Argentinean representative of the Working Party is saying to Valeryi Pyatnytskiy, the head of the delegation of Ukraine: Constant dropping will wear away a stone. We support you in full.

(The above words by the Argentinean representative may have not been reproduced literally, but their essence is saved Editor).

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